Woman’s life was saved by helmet when her head was hit by truck

Bumping into car’s door, woman was broken and fortunately, her life was saved by helmet.

Recently, there has been a video posted in social netwwork which described a horrific traffic accident in Jinhua city, Zhejiang province, China. According to video, the man sitting in the car opened the door and lacked observation; therefore, Zuh who drove motorbike, bumped into his car and was broken.

In the same time, there was a truck carrying concrete was unable to cope with and crashed woman’s head. Especially, her helmet was broken into many pieces.

The acident occured in the blink of an eye, so many people think that woman would suffer a horrific accident. However, we can see that Zhu’s hand can move in the end of video.

Then, opening car’s door and calling an ambulance, the driver took her to the hospital to be rescued. According to Chinese social network, although her helmet was broken into many pieces, Zhu’s life did not lose her life.

The traffic accident, in which woman was involved is a strong warning to the driver “when opening car’s door, the driver need observe carefully. In addition to, it conveyed an important message that people should not ignore the significance of wearing helmet.

Watching video: