Wife of legendary pop icon pat boone passed away at age 84

The wife of legendary singer Pat Boone passed away at the age of 84.

Mr. and Mrs. Boone were together for more than six decades. According to People, Shirley passed away in her home due to complications from vasculitis, an inflammation of the blood vessels.

When Mrs. Boone passed, she was surrounded by Pat and their four children, Laura, Linda, Cherry, and Debby.

The pop icon, also 84, offered a sweet message about the love of his life after her death.

“We lived a wonderful, blessed life together for 65 years. I’ve parted with my better half for a little while… but we don’t die, we just move on to another place, and today was moving day,” Pat expressed.

He went on and said “she’s changed her address is all and moved to a different mansion that I expect to join her in one day. I’m very confident of that.”

Talking about his wife’s transition, the singer said: “that took the sting out of what happened today because we know we’re gonna be together again and have a whole new beginning.”

The couple started their relationship back when they were 16 years old. It wasn’t until they were 19 when Pat asked her father for her hand in marriage.

Pat also revealed, “he tearfully asked me one thing, ‘Will you take care of my girl?’ and I said I would, and the tears rolled into his coffee because he knew he was moving and planned to take her with him, but he was willing to leave her with me.”

The two eloped in 1953 and had four daughters. They raised their family in New Jersey then moved to Beverly Hills, where Mrs. Boone focused on different charity endeavors and wrote her book One Woman’s Liberation.

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