Two lionesses hug the woman who took care of them

Two lionesses, Malkia and Adelle, have shown that even big cats can be great friends of a human being, especially a woman, Michaela Zimanova, who raised them for seven years.

The two well-groomed animals were filmed as they ran to the gate of the Malkia zoo in Slovakia when they sensed the woman’s proximity.

In the film you can see the lionesses that literally embrace the woman with the paws: one of the two, moreover, closes the eyes to enjoy the moment.

The woman, almost in tears, returns the embrace while the cats lick her face and play with her hair.

The lionesses did not forget when the coach took care of them when they were born in a zoo in Switzerland. Thus, the couple of felines was transferred to Slovakia because, having become too big, the woman could no longer take care.

The video has been shared by many pages on social media and YouTube, collecting hundreds of thousands of views, reactions, shares and comments:

The trainer has, however, required to clarify this: “The lions are and remain wild animals, not domestic animals”. In short, embracing two large cats is not an action to be emulated.