This Gigantic Turtle at a Beach Is Spotted and Filmed By Netizens

A video of a gigantic sea turtle crawling its way across a beach posted by entertainment Facebook page “Colonel DUDU Fils Inspiration” goes viral and steals many people’s attention, including ours. The video was posted during May of this year roughly 5 months ago, but still continues to spark online debates about its authenticity or its lack thereof.

As of this writing, the said post has over 53 Million views and a little over 66 thousand shares on Facebook alone. It’s really an intriguing sight to see. Confused netizens try to demystify the seemingly big-as-a-car turtle depicted in the short clip uploaded via Facebook. Several theories regarding its genuineness have been offered by numerous users too. Such theories include speculating the use of digital manipulation, optical illusion and forced perspective. Others are also quick to defend that the video is one hundred percent factual.

Leatherback sea turtles, commonly known as luth turtles, can actually grow pretty massive in both height and weight. It is also the largest of its species. The sea creature can grow up to about 7.2ft in total length, and weigh as much as 1,540 lb. If one keeps this in mind, it isn’t that hard to believe the video is indeed untouched and unedited.

However, as the video clip continues and the leatherback sea turtle gets closer to the ocean one cannot help but see a size discrepancy as it becomes evidently smaller. Snopes, a fact checking entertainment website suggests that the whole thing was filmed with a longer lens at a far off distance therefore creating an illusion of depth. This illusion and impression tricks people into seeing the leatherback sea turtle as unusually gigantic.

Of course, there is no denying two things. One, that the video is indeed showing us a leatherback sea turtle. And two, it is a big one. Enough to gather a crowd in the background that looks pleased and shocked at the same time. The only real question left here is that, how big is it really?

Watch The Video Below: