The young mother weighing 44 lbs has given birth to an only 4 lbs baby: I’m not scared of death, I just want to see my baby!

The young mother, only 44 lbs, fighted a terrible battle with the Death, in order to see her baby come to life. That baby is called Miracle.

Be diagnosed cervical hyperextension in muscular dystrophy when was pregnant the second baby, this brave mother decided to keep her child in belly, even when she weighed only 44 lbs. Her disease was so terrible that no method could help her anymore, the life of her and fetus was put in the Death’s hand. However, after 32 tough weeks, she could burst into tears because of happiness, the little baby was born.

That is definitely the miraculous journey of her and baby girl, maybe this is the reason why her name is Miracle. Her mother told, after knowing the disease, her husband did not care about her, even he took their first daughter to his mother’s home and lived like she’d passed away.

Due to the illness, she was unable to talk, just looked at hopelessly to the air and had to breathe with the oxygen bottle, but her love to the second daughter was everlasting. She wasn’t scared of passing away, always wanted to see the face of baby in her belly.

The baby’s grandmother shared that: “She had done that, she had won. Miracle was born, even weighed 4 lbs”. After all, the coming of Miracle to her family is so miraculous that she’s never ever dared to dream.

“My daughter seemed to pass away many times to save the Miracle’s life. Taking care of her at hospital, just seeing her still alive daily, I prayed something good happen to her and fetus. But now, she can do it, my hope comes true, thank God”.

“She loves her baby than everything she has, despite of passing away, she wants to see her baby come to life. Now I just hope she would be fine and stronger to take care of baby by herself. My cruel son-in-law have not cared to them and never come to hospital. I tried to call him many times, but it was impossible”.

At present, due to unstable health, she’s been treated positively at the General Hospital.

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