The owner throws himself into the water and the dogs ‘save’ his life

“Who has not had a dog does not know what it means to be loved”.

This phrase, pronounced by Arthur Schopenhauer (the philosopher of Romanticism), is the best possible introduction to a video that has been viral on social media for a year.

A man throws himself into the river voluntarily and the dogs begin to bark, thinking that their best friend is in trouble.

To be emphasized above all the behavior of the black dog. Once the owner ends up in the water, the animal begins to cry and fidget. Then, he makes an extraordinary gesture: he dives into the river and swims towards the man. His only purpose is to save his life. Even the white dog does the same.

The video, shared about a year ago on the Facebook page of Marcelo Tinelli, has collected almost 700 thousand views, 20 thousand reactions, 11 thousand shares and a thousand comments: