The musician was motionless until a girl put the coin into his hat…The next few seconds, everyone did not want to leave

A girl put a coin on a violinist’s hat on the street, perhaps she just wanted to show her kindness but unexpectedly she was watched a memorable concert.

A man appeared on the street with a large violin but the strange thing was he was not playing, just was standing still in place. A moment later, a little girl went to the place where the street artist was standing and put a coin into the hat in front of the musician’s face, then she smiled friendly..

The girl put a coin into the musician’s hat.

Unbelievably, after she put the coin on his hat, the musician began to play “Ode to joy” and on the sidewalk, the other musicians appeared in turn. They came together and harmonized into the extravaganza.

Then there were more surprises.

The other musicians appeared in turn next to this musician

From the violin solo to the orchestra, which attracted the attention of all the passerbys, the crowds gathered around them more and more, even the kids climbed up to their parents to see.

The surprised orchestra attracted the attention of all the passerbys

It was interesting to see a concert with such surprises, which was perhaps an unforgettable experience for those who were present at the scene, especially the girl putting the coin into his hats to begin the live concert.

Watching video: