The most tender military parade ever seen – The policemen parade without weapons but with small puppies

The dog has earned the title of man’s best friend over the centuries. On countless occasions they have shown us their capacity for empathy, their infinite loyalty and even their extraordinary talent in carrying out valuable actions to protect us

There are so many noble tasks that a dog performs for society, an example are guide dogs, anti-drug dogs, civil protection dogs and police dogs.

In Chile, the National Police Training School wanted to pay homage to their dogs. Their role is so important, that they had a space in the exceptional national military parade.

The dogs along with their fellow policemen have stolen the hearts of thousands of Chileans present for the traditional event held every September 19.

There were about 10,000 officials parading, but what caught the attention of the present and the international press were the policemen who
instead of rifles, they proudly carried what is the most powerful weapon of all, love and tenderness.

That is 9 golden retrivier puppies that have stolen the hearts of millions of people.

Just 45 days after their birth these 9 puppies, 5 females and 4 males, have been proudly shown by their human companions.

Some puppies were clearly exhausted from all the excitement and the day so much that they took a nap in their small thermal bags

Together with these puppies they also paraded other adult dogs with their handlers, they were German shepherds, golden and labrador

In short, the Chilean police have also shown to their country the future responsible for their security.

The message of great power, but of tenderness, that gave the world was such that even the BBC collected the event on their Instagram account and in less than a day has collected 500,000 views.