The girl lost her eyebrows after she used peeling blackheads mask

A 22-year-old Filipino girl named Genella Pabianes Carabbacan had the peeling mask fail!

There are both haters and lovers when talking about using peeling blackheads mask. Although the process of peeling is very painful, the result is amazing and the skin is so clean!

There are people who are really satisfied when they see that the blackheads are removed.

Besides the spa, many people choose to use peeling acne mask at home. But recently, a 22-year-old Filipino girl named Genella Pabianes Carabbacan had a really bad experience with a peeling mask!

Genella decided to record this magic moment and asked his brother to record the miraculous result after peeling! After 15 minutes, when the mask was dried, she peeled it so that she can see how good her skin would look.

The process of peeling off the mask was extremely painful!

According to the main advertising, this super-stick mask, because of its adhesion, would completely eliminate stubborn blackheads.

Tragedy occurs when the girl tried to peel the mask from the eyebrows area: Genella’s eyebrows were also peeled off under the mask! Genella was shocked, her younger brother recorded the process, but he couldn’t help but laugh!

It turned out that due to the nervousness of using the new mask, she forgot to read the manual… so she did’nt know that the mask shouldn’t be applied over the eyebrows!

“I was so excited I did not ask much or see the manual, I just wanted to get rid of all the blackheads on my face!” She posted her experience online to remind people of the importance of reading the manual. Of course, her experience made everyone laugh and pay attention!

Due to the attractiveness of the clip, Genella received attention from a beauty spa that touching volunteered to repair her eyebrows so she could look normal again!