School bus accident: 7 years old girl dragged at least 100 ft after her backpack gets stuck in door

Girl dragged down street by school bus.

According to the video, the 7-year-old girl was getting off the bus around 4 p.m when her backpack got stuck in the door. However, the bus driver didn’t know the problem and he closed the door. The bus dragged her about 100 feet until the driver of a red Chevy Camaro sped up to the bus slamming on the horn. The baby was taken to the hospital and was expected to recover her injuries.

The poor girl dragged down at least 100 ft…

…because her pack got stuck in the door

And the driver and people in the bus didnt know

Discovering her case, a red car chased


And prevented the bus from running

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The child suffered road rash and was taken to the hospital

Cop Makes Woman Sit In Hot Car After Leaving Dog Inside. Her Furious Response Is Golden

We’ve shared too many stories of people choosing to leave their animals in vehicles in hot weather. It’s baffling to us why some folks make this life-threatening and dangerous decision that could ultimately kill their pets.

Do folks continue to make this drastic choice out of laziness? Or do they simply not care about their animals?


One officer in New Mexico has clearly had enough of seeing animals locked up in vehicles and he decided to do something about it. He had the perfect solution to one woman’s callous response.

New Mexico police officer Vincent Kreischer spotted a dog locked in a car in the parking lot of a grocery store. When the dog’s owner, Shelly Nicholas, emerged from the market, he confronted her, but she claimed to have only left her dog alone inside the vehicle for ten minutes.

Officer Kreischer explained that, in the 90-degree heat, the inside of the car could heat up to 114 degrees in those 10 minutes. The poor pooch was in great distress, even after such a short time in the car.

However, when Kreischer asked Nicholas why she left her dog locked inside the car, she became irate and very rude toward him. Bad mistake. You don’t argue with a police officer after you’ve committed a crime so horrible as letting your dog sit trapped in such sweltering conditions.

In response to the woman’s attitude, the officer suggested that, since she didn’t believe conditions were so bad in her car, she should sit in there with the doors closed, windows rolled up, and engine off – just like her dog had – while he wrote her ticket.

That’s when the woman began to protest about how hot it was outside and said she couldn’t possibly do as the officer ordered.

Too bad for her. She should’ve thought of that before leaving her dog to suffer in her car while she headed inside where it was nice and cool.

We’re glad this officer took a different approach to this situation. Giving the nasty woman a taste of her own medicine hopefully taught her that you don’t mistreat any living being.

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The girl sang opera on the stage, suddenly ripped her skirt to become the genuine rocker and recieved golden button

The performance is considered to be worth watching in Spain’s Got Talent.
Cristina Ramos is the girl who made the shooting became more exciting. When she stepped on the stage with her long black dress, the girl began with a classic opera song “Les” Oiseaux Dans La Charmille.

Cristina’s voice is so high-pitched, which made the judge excited. However, the climax of the performance is still behind. After several minutes, the melody was suddenly changed. Cristina also expressed her emotion cleverly, so the audience thought there were technical errors.

The judges were so surprised and excited, they even jumped on the table to applaud. Finally, the golden button was pressed for this talented and creative girl.

The audiences commented that the performance was considered to be worth watching in Got Talent.

The young woman’s eardrum was bitten by a cockroach that scares a lot of people

The Chinese girl’s eardrum was torn by a cockroach while she was sleeping.

Chinese media reported that a girl had to call emergency after detecting Cockroaches in her ear and bitting the eardrums inside. According to report, a doctor at Guangdong province took the cockroach out two days after the 20-year-old was hospitalized. Huang Dan, a doctor who specializes in crashes and insect wounds, says it is a German-originated cockroach and has bitten a small hole in the eardrum of a woman, causing severe bleeding.

The insect flies into the ear

“I felt like a needle poked in my ear. At first, I thought it might have been because I was ear picking too hard and I was freaked out to know it was a cockroach.” After realizing it was a cockroach, the girl tried to kill the insect by dropping a few drops of hot oil in her ear. This only makes the situation worse. The girl added, “Then the insect stopped moving and I thought everything might be fine, but my hearing was getting worse.”

Immediately go to the hospital to take the insect out

Huang said that he usually receives one or two similar cases each month: “Most patients live on the ground floor or in wet environments, poor hygiene leads to many insects living such as cockroaches, rats, bug grows “.

You may lost your hearing if the insects bite your eardrum

Dr. Huang also said that the eardrums are very sensitive and that those who are in pain should go to the hospital right after the accident instead of trying to relieve the pain from home remedies.

This woman can fold everything so easily

Organizing things inside a closet can be a dilemma for some, especially if there are just too many things and they cannot fit on the shelves. The same situation occurs when we try to pack a lot of clothes for a trip or a vacantion… it can become a nightmare!

Well, these ‘folding’ tricks might be the solution to your long time problem of trying to fit all your belongings in just one bag!

In a video uploaded by the Facebook page “Shanghaiist”, a woman gladly demonstrates the easy, but completely space-savvy ideas of folding clothes.

Even if we talk about jeans, shirts, long-sleeved shirts, leather jackets, dresses, even comforters that are used on your bed, just name it and she surely have her own way of folding it.

The woman has her own way of making those things significantly ‘smaller’ in size so that they can take up less space so you can pack more clothes or travel essentials, because they will fit in your luggage bag. You can reorganize your closet, too with this advices!

This lady just proved that organizing clothes is no longer a hard job. All you need is a little ‘folding’ skill to help you get through your dilemma.

So, what are you waiting for? Better try out these folding tips and tricks for yourself so that the next time you decide to organize your clothes, it will all be just as easy as 1-2-3.

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Nervous 5-yr-old meets dying great-grandma, leaves her dad in tears when she opens her mouth

Little Irish Sophie Miller met her great-grandmother for the first time when she was a baby, but at 5-years-old she was about to meet her again.

Her great-grandmother, who lives in London, was diagnosed with dementia, so the meetings wouldn’t be so fortunate for the little one.

Understandably, it’s difficult to witness our loved ones sick… Sophie’s parents were worried and unsure as to how both of them would react.

Children can be unpredictable and Sophie’s parents weren’t sure how she would react when she met her great-grandmother Breda, but despite the distance, the two clearly had a unique bond.

Sophie went straight to Breda without any hesitation and started to sing a special song in their family “You Are My Sunshine” as she cuddled up to her.

Emotional Breda was full of adoring smiles for her great-granddaughter.

Sophie’s mother described the meeting as “wonderful” as her daughter strokes Breda’s face while she sings.

Sarak remarks “We were worried (Sophie) would be scared… but she wasn’t. She was sitting up, rubbing her face, singing songs to her and chatting away… she loved it.”

You can see this precious moment where Sophies sings to Breda in the video below.

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Kids yelled at their drunk bus driver to STOP!

The chaotic situation occuring on a bus attracted millions viewers because of not being discontent with the drunk bus driver.

People who were sitting on a bus got completely scared when they discovered that the man who was driving the bus was drunk. They thought that their life is considered a joke! In the bus were adults and kids, too!

Therefore, all people including kids yelled at him to stop driving the bus. However, the bus still continued to move.

The driver did not seem to be aware of the fact that he put many people’s lives in danger because he was drunk. A student shouts at him “Turn the bus off!” “No,” says Thompson. “You’re backing into the freaking ditch, you’re making the little kids cry…Stop!” screams another student. He still ignored all things happening around him.

There is a young woman that came next to the driver to said that “Could you open the door, please?”, however, he still didn’t hear anything and continued to drive. The bus hit high speed, ran over a mailbox, and started rolling backwards downhill.

Fortunately, there were some young women who calm the kids down and made them feel a little bit less frightened.

Finally, the children opened the emergency door in the back of the bus to get out.

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A girl went on a Tinder date with absolutely no clothes on!

A tinder date with no clothes!? Jen The Body Painter is back. This time we can see a girl who wears pretty much nothing while she is on a date… with a guy she met on Tinder!

Some of us may know Tinder – the dating app.

This app is very convenient in finding a date. However, this time, a body painter tried a new challenge unlike any before. She went on a date without any clothes on, wearing just body painting!

Look how things were going on!

Our model needs a preparation and this one must be careful in order to make sure that no one will notice that she is not wearing any clothes..

Our model looked like this when the process was finished:

At first, everything was good and the Tinder guy didn’t notice anything.

Later, a group of her fan recognized her and the trick was revealed.

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The billionaire pretended to be a homeless man, had the restaurant receptionist’s heart tested and received the unexpected treatment

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Recently, a video which was posted on social networks has caused controversy. In the video, a wealthy man pretended to wear clothes like a homeless person to try the restaurant receptionist. As expected, the restaurant receptionist had bad behavior towards the homeless. Many people after watching this video are angry at the attitude of the receptionist. Others agreed with the receptionist because he had done his part. What opinion do you support?



To test human heart…


…this man was dressed as if he were homeless


He went to a fine restaurant and challenged the restaurant’s receptionist



When seeing him, the receptionist immediately did not let him come into the restaurant and asked him to leave


About 20 minutes later, the man changed his outfit and returned to the restaurant



At that time, the receptionist had a completely different attitude


He was very happy to see this wealthy man intending to enter the restaurant


The man expressed anger and revealed to the receptionist that the homeless man who had been dislodged from the restaurant was him

The receptionist felt sorry for his misbehavior

When this man leaves, the receptionist chases after him in hopes of changing his mind

No one can believe until the camera records this scene!

If you do not watch this video, you will never believe this is true when a kid wearing disposable diaper are climbing over the crib to escape spectacularly like the action movie.

Today’s children are really smart, sometimes they are very naughty and reckless. If we neglect to pay attention to them, they will have a lot of naughty games that make us laugh out loud because of these cherubs. The baby in this clip is still wearing disposable diaper but can climb over the crib professionally, certainly no one would think this little boy can do this!

Newborns have actions that sometimes can not be explained by adults. The boy in this clip is an example, in spite of watching many times, we still do not understand why this kid can do this?

Maybe because the boy was in the crib for too long, the naughty and hyperactive character could not keep the boy quietly lying in this so the intention to climb over the crib to escape formed in the baby for a while, just waited for the opportunity to act. The mother knew her son’s annoyance so she tried to see what her son could do in this situation and she pretended to go out.

You think what can this boy do in this posture?

And when the chance came, the boy did not see his mother so he made a reckless, unexpected decision and acted quickly. The boy managed by himself and tried to climb out of the crib.

The boy managed by himself and tried to climb out of the crib

He finished climbing out of the crib

No one can believe because this boy is too fast and too smart. The boy acted like a real wall-climbing expert, and what would he do next? Surprisingly, the boy once again climbed over the crib, but this time he was climbing over his sister’s crib and they were so funny when playing together.

Surprisingly, this time he was climbing over his sister’s crib to play with his sister

Is the kid a spider version? After his clip was posted online on his mother’s Facebook account, he has received thousands of likes and share. Many people have expressed their love for this lovely boy.

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