Only 30 squat to get a free subway ticket

The Moscow Metro is probably one of the highlights of the city. Pride for its citizens, it is one of the most dated but most beautiful in the world.

To encourage people to use the Metro and especially to take advantage of the ticket, the city of Moscow puts in place ideas that no other location can even think.

For example, on the occasion of the Olympics in Sochi, to encourage exercise, a fun initiative was launched. In front of the turnstiles of each station, machines consisting of monitors and mats have been fixed. Every passenger who needs a ticket for the meter must position himself in front of the machine and run 30 squat, counted on the monitor, in order to obtain the ticket. Extravagant Idea, but really innovative, that has been very successful.

But it’s not over here. Now the Moscow Metro has had another idea, proposing to abolish the magnetic card Troika and replace it with a ring. Probably a better idea, simpler and more comfortable for the passengers, that could do without a card in the wallet too.