Neglected pit bull shows trust to foster mom by dropping 11 newborn puppies into her lap

Recently, Stevoni took in a purebred pit bull named Grayce through the Rescue Rovers organization. At just 2 years old, Grayce has already experienced so much pain and neglect.

She came to Stevoni heavily pregnant and in need of a safe place to give birth to her babies.

It wasn’t long after Grayce arrived in Stevoni’s home that she felt comfortable enough to go into labor. Before she and Stevoni knew it, 11 adorable puppies were born into the world… one female and 10 males.

But then something happened that Stevoni, in all her years of dog rescue, had never seen before.

Watch the video below to see what she means and you’ll understand why this clip is going massively viral and touching hearts around the world.

“I’d say by this video she feels somewhat safe,” Stevoni writes on YouTube. “I sure love her.”

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