Heart-touching: Man comes to adopt pit bull at shelter, but she didn’t leave her best friend

There is no doubt that dogs are the perfect companions and the most loyal when it comes to friendship. We all love our Pets, we feel happy and relaxed with our pets. Animals are smart, clever and sometimes more intelligent than us. They are too moody, or dramatic sometimes. Sometimes, they behave like kids too.

Meet Merrill (Pitbull) and Taco (Chihuahua) they are the best of friends! They became friends at the Rocket Dog Rescue Shelter where they both lived together for over four years.

Rocket Dog Rescue is a volunteer-managed organization with the number one focus for saving homeless, abandoned dogs from unethical animal shelters. There is a problem ripping through America than those dogs who are considered to be un-adoptable are killed. Therefore, Rocket Dog Rescue comes in a removes these poor dogs from these disgusting shelter.

A real example of there beautiful friendship was back when Merril needed surgery. Taco could not leave Merill’s side, and because of this, it goes to show that they are completely inseparable! It is said that if they’re every apart, they would both cry very loudly until they are reunited!

But, one day when a potential new family came to visit Merill they fell in love with him. It was adorable, but the pup would refuse to go anywhere without Taco!

The man who adopted Merrill alone didn’t understand why she was crying so much and brought her back to Rocket Dog Rescue to surrender her. Rocket Dog Rescue then updated the adoption information to include both Merrill and Taco. A family from the area saw the adoption notice and with open hearts, claimed both Merrill and Taco. These two bonded and loving friends got their chance to live together!

Today, Merrill and Taco live joyfully together in their new proprietor’s home, with the adoring family that they both merit. The closest companions would now be able to live simple with the solace of realizing that they can be by each opposite’s side for whatever remains of their lives now.

This awesome tale around two pooches and their unbreakable bond is a genuine case of the reliability that a puppy has. The heart needs what the heart needs, and for these two pooches, they would now be able to live calmly as one.