Heart stops beating seeing man falls off building when proposing to his girlfriend

Everyone thought he fell down from above. But no, all was the boy’s idea!

The video features a group of friends who all happen to be holding and drinking the same drink on the roof of a building. The man stands on the edge of the building and asks his friend for the ring. He over throws and the man falls off the building trying to catch the ring. His girlfriend runs to the edge in horror only see him on a parachute pillow holding the sign, ‘Will you marry me.’

This boyfriend begins to propose to his girlfriend in front of smiling friends on a rooftop terrace.

But moments later when tossed the ring

he missed his catch before seemingly over-balancing and plunging over the ledge and out of sight.

However, the unexpected happened. The spectacular fall was planned in advance and there was a softer landing than expected for him.

“Will you marry me?” – What a surprise!

watch video: