Dog in danger, a group of young people saves him

A dog is in trouble and risks being overwhelmed by the rough waters of a river. A group of passersby notices and begins a difficult rescue operation.

First a boy goes into the water but, despite having managed to reach the dog and drag him away from the center, he can not do anything by himself. Because of the high and slippery side wall, he needs help getting out of the stream.

Therefore, a real human chain is created which, after some attempts, will allow the animal to be rescued, among the applauses of those present.

The heroic scene was taken from the smartphone of one of the bystanders and shared just under a year ago on social networks.

The video has collected almost 3 million views, as well as tens of thousands of reactions, shares and comments.

Some commentators have pointed out the dog’s patient behavior, aware that that group of human beings is doing everything to get it out of the water.

Others claimed that a rope would be enough to pull the young man and the dog in less time. The problem, however, is that a rope is not always at hand and you need to be careful about it at the moment.

However, everything well that ends well and congratulations to the heroes!