Delayed southwest airline passenger stunned gate agents when he stepped up to the counter

I’ve been stuck in an airport before, but where was this guy for the entertainment when we needed him? We’ve all been the victim of air travel limbo, but for some recent Southwest Airline passengers, they at least had great entertainment while they waited.

As usual, several irritated customers filed in line to the two gate agents. The unlucky women weren’t responsible for the issue, but they were forced to deal with an angry group of people that were stuck with lots of questions and little patience.

Looking up at the long line ahead of them, they devised a brilliant plan. They announced that anyone who had a question would have to ask it in an interesting manner. They figured it would force most passengers to sit down and wait it out.

The gate agents told everyone that they would have to sing before they could ask a question. They had no idea that one man in line wouldn’t hesitate to rise to the challenge.

Rather than mope out of the line like most people did, one man stood up and grabbed the microphone. Another passenger, Mike Vadala, managed to catch it all on video, and you definitely don’t want to miss it.

Check out the hilarious and entertaining encounter below. What an amazing way to help kill the time and relax during a time that could have been so much more stressful. Be sure to share this video with your family and friends!