Couple’s giant snowman built on tree trunk base teaches rude driver a lesson in karma

Cody Lutz, his fiancée Lucy, and his soon-to-be sister-in-law were enjoying the recent snowfall in Petersburg, Kentucky. Since Lucy grew up in Mississippi and had never seen so much snow before, the excited trio decided to construct a giant, towering snowman in the front yard.

The couple shared a photo with the finished result on Facebook, proudly putting Frosty the 9-Foot-Tall Snowman on display with his black top hat and bright, cheerful smile.

In order to build a more structurally sound snowman, Cody decided to use a large tree stump in their yard as the base. The trio covered the exposed bark with snow.

But that following Monday, Cody came home from work to find a disappointing sight: a set of tire tracks running from the edge of his yard to the bottom of the snowman.

Frosty’s lower half was smashed, and the tree trunk’s bark was partially exposed.

Cody and Lucy say a rude and careless driver attempted to ram the car into poor old Frosty — but was unexpectedly met with