Children in highlands both play guitar and sing “Let Her Go” which is better than the original

Who says children never make the legend. Watch the professional performance of these kids in highlands, you have to agree that talent never depend on how old you are!

A great musical performance need not only the good voice, but also the natural and excellent performing.

Recently the video recording the incredible performance of four kids in highlands has gone viral on social media.

Because of their profession, this performance attracted people from around the world. The special thing is their natural facial expression and concerntration on singing which made everyone so excited.

Four litte boys made a pro child band, which includes three instrumentalists and one main vocalist. They cooperated so well that all audiences felt very interesting in their performance.

In addition, their facial expressions made everyone’s hearts melt. They concerntrated on the song as if they were standing on the big stage, especially the boy playing drum.

Although it was so simple and without autotone vocal technique, their cute performance still attracted the regard of many people.

This is not the best cover of “Let Her Go” song, but is one of the most special cover. They have brought many first things for this hit song that we’ve ever seen.

It is known after that they also gave the positive comments from netizens. Most of them expressed their admiring to their passion on music and wished them always keeping the dream.

“I have a son in the same age with them. It likes singing but I don’t have time to send him to the musical teaching centers. However, looking these boys performing so professional, I decided to help son make his dream come true”, shared by a single mom.

“So cute, I think this is the best cover I’ve ever heard!”, a young girl commented.

“Look at them, especial the boy playing guitar, wow, they remind me of Maroon 5. Such the talented boys! They’ll be the famous singers if keeping this passion”, another audience said.

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Watching video: