Study finds that stay-at-home moms should earn a salary of at least $160,000

Parenting is hard work, and it’s largely thankless. Unless you count cute homemade cards from your kids as “payment,” no mom gets payment for their years of round-the-clock, stressful work. But every year, estimates what moms would earn if parenting did pay like a “real” job.

The company made a list of all the “hybrid roles” that moms play, including executive housekeeper, bookkeeper, and teacher. It combined current salary information for all of these many roles to calculate a medium annual “salary” for moms.

This year, it came up with a salary of $162,581.

Whew! thinks moms should be rich?! You know what? Yes — moms should be rich.

While it is extremely unlikely that moms will ever actually get paid a salary, let alone a salary this high, it’s a useful thought experiment. The surprisingly high number demonstrates just how much work moms do — they work a million jobs at once. And that, really, is the whole point.

“We would like to recognize both professional and stay-at-home Moms on their unwavering dedication to their families and responsibilities,” says

Stay-at-home moms work nearly nonstop, and they wear a lot of different hats. On any given day, a mom might have to do the equivalent work of a nanny, housecleaner, chauffeur, and bookkeeper, among other duties.

Of course, stay-at-home moms don’t get paid for these jobs. They’re forced to find another way to financially make it work, often by relying upon their spouses, stretching their savings, or going back to work earlier than planned.

But what if stay-at-home moms did get paid the average wage for all of the many jobs that they do?

Every year, does the math to figure it out.

“We selected a handful of jobs that reflect a day in the life of a Mom,” says the posting. Using its handy “Salary Wizard,” input all of the current salary information for those jobs.

Some of the jobs that it used for its “hybrid salary” included academic adviser, CEO, groundskeeper, laundry manager, staff nurse, and day care center teacher.

The resulting salary: $162,581.

Stay-at-home moms work an average of 96 hours per week, according to these calculations.

This year’s annual salary is $5,000 higher than the 2017 calculations. In fact, the salary just keeps getting higher and higher every year!

Importantly, writes that the salary is for moms in general, even working moms. Theoretically, all moms (and to a certain extent, all parents) do some combination of these jobs on a daily basis.

And not surprisingly, people on the internet have a WIDE range of feelings about this salary number.

Some people are 100% in favor of how high the salary is. Motherhood is hard work, and if the salary seems a bit extreme, maybe that’s because people don’t actually recognize just how hard it is.

Others took the salary as an insult to working moms, who also do a great deal of parenting work throughout the day.

If pigs fly and this salary thing actually happens? Cut the check for all moms, please!

And of course, countless men chimed in with a “WHAT ABOUT DADS?”

If they do the same work, it follows that the salary would be the same.

Other people disagree with the notion that you should put a number on parenting. If you choose to have kids, then you should be happy to do the work for free, according to this mindset.

“To say one deserves a salary for these things is absurd. Having a family is a decision to take on these responsibilities,” one working mom agreed.

“It is not a career. It is not employment.”

And at least one mom injected a little humor into this increasingly tense and scary conversation.

She joked about the dime that she found doing laundry the other day.

We all know that moms aren’t going to magically start finding a salary in their bank accounts for their parenting work anytime soon. The point of’s calculations is not to propose a new fiscal policy, but to remind folks that parenting is work, period.

Instead of arguing about the specifics, maybe just text your mom and say thank you.

Teens find crash site where pregnant mom died, hear cries from debris and know her baby is alive

Two friends from Minooka, Illinois, 16-year-old Hunter Hasenjaeger and 17-year-old Collin Barry, were heading home just after midnight when they saw a horrifying scene on the road.

At first, the teens saw a Chrysler 300. The front of the car was totaled on the driver’s side. Then, they heard the sound of a baby screaming and crying at the top of her lungs.

Hunter and Collin then saw 27-year-old Alexis Danley, who was deceased… and six months pregnant when she died.

What the teens didn’t know at the time was the man who struck and killed Alexis would be arrested for driving under the influence.

Alexis’ hand was reaching back to grab the baby seat, where her 1-year-old daughter was sitting, completely terrified.

Hunter instantly felt a connection to the helpless little girl. Since the police had not yet arrived, the teenage boys knew they had to do something — and they began working together to pull the child to safety.

These two young men are heroes! Please pray for this little baby and these boys that rescued her. She will now have to grow up without a mother because to a drunk driver so please keep her in your prayers.

Dying dad returns to room after daughter’s wedding to rest, comes back to make good on dance vow

When Mary Bourne Roberts was a little girl she and her father Jim would dance around the kitchen to the hit 2000 song “I Hope You Dance.” The Lee Ann Womack song is special for many, but it seems to have really struck a chord with Mary.

The two would dance around the kitchen to the song as she was growing up. The song became so attached to Mary as a person that a promise was made between her and her dad that they would play it at her wedding for her father-daughter dance.

Since then Mary decided to make dancing her career. She majored in dance at the University of Alabama and now teaches at a dance academy. When she was set to be married it seemed like all would be falling into place.

Little did anybody know that tragedy would strike. In May 2017 Jim was diagnosed with glioblastoma, an incurable brain cancer that just before Mary’s December 29th wedding Jim had entered hospice care. It was uncertain as to whether or not he’d even make it to her marriage.

Not wanting to disappoint his daughter Jim managed to make an appearance. Even though he used a wheelchair, he held her hand as they two went down the aisle to the altar. He stayed for the marriage ceremony before he had to return to his hotel room for rest.

Thankfully this rest was enough to re-energise him as he returned for the after-party. He arrived just in time for the father-daughter dance, and lo and behold, what else would play but “I Hope You Dance.” What followed was simply unforgettable.

Watch the clip above, and be sure to spread the word to everyone you know. Anyone can be touched by this incredible story of one father’s commitment to his daughter. Also feel free to tell us what you think in the comments!

Dog in danger, a group of young people saves him

A dog is in trouble and risks being overwhelmed by the rough waters of a river. A group of passersby notices and begins a difficult rescue operation.

First a boy goes into the water but, despite having managed to reach the dog and drag him away from the center, he can not do anything by himself. Because of the high and slippery side wall, he needs help getting out of the stream.

Therefore, a real human chain is created which, after some attempts, will allow the animal to be rescued, among the applauses of those present.

The heroic scene was taken from the smartphone of one of the bystanders and shared just under a year ago on social networks.

The video has collected almost 3 million views, as well as tens of thousands of reactions, shares and comments.

Some commentators have pointed out the dog’s patient behavior, aware that that group of human beings is doing everything to get it out of the water.

Others claimed that a rope would be enough to pull the young man and the dog in less time. The problem, however, is that a rope is not always at hand and you need to be careful about it at the moment.

However, everything well that ends well and congratulations to the heroes!