Children in highlands both play guitar and sing “Let Her Go” which is better than the original

Who says children never make the legend. Watch the professional performance of these kids in highlands, you have to agree that talent never depend on how old you are!

A great musical performance need not only the good voice, but also the natural and excellent performing.

Recently the video recording the incredible performance of four kids in highlands has gone viral on social media.

Because of their profession, this performance attracted people from around the world. The special thing is their natural facial expression and concerntration on singing which made everyone so excited.

Four litte boys made a pro child band, which includes three instrumentalists and one main vocalist. They cooperated so well that all audiences felt very interesting in their performance.

In addition, their facial expressions made everyone’s hearts melt. They concerntrated on the song as if they were standing on the big stage, especially the boy playing drum.

Although it was so simple and without autotone vocal technique, their cute performance still attracted the regard of many people.

This is not the best cover of “Let Her Go” song, but is one of the most special cover. They have brought many first things for this hit song that we’ve ever seen.

It is known after that they also gave the positive comments from netizens. Most of them expressed their admiring to their passion on music and wished them always keeping the dream.

“I have a son in the same age with them. It likes singing but I don’t have time to send him to the musical teaching centers. However, looking these boys performing so professional, I decided to help son make his dream come true”, shared by a single mom.

“So cute, I think this is the best cover I’ve ever heard!”, a young girl commented.

“Look at them, especial the boy playing guitar, wow, they remind me of Maroon 5. Such the talented boys! They’ll be the famous singers if keeping this passion”, another audience said.

How’s about you? What do you think?

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Bride takes a really mean and tragic fall on her wedding day

Looks like this couple’s holy matrimony is off to a great start!

Just for Laughs: Gags (in French, Juste pour rire: Gags) is a Canadian silent comedy/hidden camera reality television show that is under the Just for Laughs brand.

One of the most famous JFL is the wedding prank. Let’s check it out!

Bride takes a really mean and tragic fall on her wedding day? No one wants that, and they will make it happens!

First, the man pretending to be a cameraman will ask random passer-by to pop the paper glitter to have a nice picture. Just as the glitter coming out, the actor on bride role will pretend that it pop straight to her eyes.

Not able to see, she stripped her feet and falling miserably.

Falling bride is the thing we don’t want to get involved in don’t we?

This looks horrible!

But it’s all just a prank!

The series uses a hidden camera format, playing pranks on unsuspecting subjects while hidden cameras capture the subjects’ responses; each episode presents multiple gags. While some segments have included brief dialogue, most do not contain any sound or dialogue; the audio is replaced with sound effects, a laugh track, and public domain music. Most segments are filmed in Quebec City, Montreal and Vancouver, while some have been filmed in Mexico. British and Asian versions have been produced in the UK and Singapore, respectively. In 2011 the show spawned a spinoff, Just Kidding, which consists exclusively of kids playing pranks on adults.

The face of people realizing that they are boo hoo the fool!


With its silent format and no translation required, Just for Laughs: Gags has been purchased for use in over 100 countries throughout the world as well as in airports and by airlines. Reactions to the gags range from “inane” to cross-culturally funny. The same distributors also distribute Surprise Sur Prise, a similar show.

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Brilliant prank of millionaire to expose gold digger who judges people by clothes – only to discover she made stupid mistake

But since when turning down someone looking like a homeless bum means you’re a gold-digger?

Appearances can be deceiving as this woman found out in a brilliant prank that proved she was a ‘gold-digger’.

Josh Paler Lin from California – the self-proclaimed ‘craziest and most creative Asian prankster alive’ – posted the video showing a blonde choosing what she thought was a rich man over a poor one.

At the start of the footage, Lin, dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, lounge pants and a hat approaches the young woman sitting alone outside a cafe.

Asian Prankster Josh Paler Lin, dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, lounge pants and a hat approaches a young woman sitting alone outside a cafe but she rejects him saying she has a boyfriend.

‘You’re pretty cute, wanna hang out some time?’ he says forthrightly. But she shuts him down, saying: ‘No I don’t think so.’

She adds: ‘I have a boyfriend…it’s kinda serious… I don’t give my number out to people I don’t know.’

Rejected, Lin strides off into the cafe. Ten minutes later, however, a slick, white Mercedes arrives on the scene. A man in a suit – one of Lin’s friend’s, unbeknownst to the girl – climbs out talking loudly about million-dollar business deals.

When he goes over to the woman she is open to his advances and lets him sit down with her.

‘You don’t happen to have a boyfriend or anything do you?’ he asks. ‘No, no,’ she replies. Then he asked her out and she immediately said yes.

But before the two have time to solidify their plans the suited man says: ‘Oh actually I’m here meeting up with my boss.’

And who should he point to… but the casually dressed Lin, exiting the cafe.

‘I washed your car,’ he tells Lin, passing him the keys. ‘I got your jacket in the car.’

Lin then proceeds to remove the Haiwaiian shirt and don a smart black jacket before taking off his lounge pants to reveal black trousers underneath and putting aside his hat.

Surprise! Lin then proceeds to remove the Haiwaiian shirt and don a smart black jacket before taking off his lounge pants to reveal black trousers underneath and putting aside his hat.

The women was surprised seeing the homeless-look-alike guy she has just turned town turns out to be a millionaire

‘That’s your boss?’ the baffled girl says says to the suited man.

‘Yeah…Why does that matter?’ he asks her ‘Oh it doesn’t matter,’ she replies airily, ignoring his question about whether she still wants to go on a date with him and walking towards Lin.

‘Maybe we could hang out some time?’, she says to the prankster as he opens the door to his car.

‘I thought you had a boyfriend?’ he queried.

‘Oh it’s not that serious,’ the woman replies, keen to nab a date with this supposedly rich man.

But Lin puts her in her place: ‘I guess we could’ve hung out like 10 or 15 minutes ago,’ he says. ‘But I hate liars and I hate gold-diggers.’

‘Too bad for you,’ he finishes as he gets into the car with his friend and drives off, leaving the girl standing in the road.

The prank video has of course attracted much attention but opinions are divided. Many have been quick to criticise the ‘shallow’ girl.

‘I can’t stand lying trashy girls like this,’ one commentator writes.

However others have pointed out that the way Lin was dressed at the start was not the best look for anyone.

‘I never said she wasn’t a gold digger or a bad person, but if you approach most girls looking terrible, you will get the same reaction most of the time,’ one man says.

Turning down a guy dressing like a homeless is a crime now?

Another comments: ‘I gotta hand it to her tho, I bet she gets hit on everyday from regular dudes, so why not go for the top? I mean if she’s looking for a guy and she knows she can probably can get any guy she wants then maybe she thinks she can get the best.’

Some have strong words to say about the potentially hypocritical nature of the prank: ‘If a model type woman came up to you, wearing clothes covered in filth, black eye make up, looking like she was a crack or heroin addict and asked for a lift in your Merc, you would say no….

‘Then if she came back half an hour later, looking like she had just come back from a catwalk show, and asked again, you would say yes.

‘I hate these gold digging diggers as much as the man, but I hate hypocrites and spoilt brats who make videos to show off their cars even more. Have a little think about yourself champ.’

Some commentators question whether the whole scene was in fact staged.

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Pretending to pee on the bed, the girl knows just how much her boyfriend loves her

The result will surprise more than you think.

Couples in love spend lots of time, affection as well as share lots of memories with each other. However, sometimes, it is unavoidable to have arguments, even serious fights.

She poured the water on her pants and the bed

Then surprised his boyfriend with her setup

This girl in the video below has made up a bizarre way to test her boyfriend love: Pretending to pee on their bed! She took some warm water and pour into her pants then lay next to her sleeping.

He didn’t got mad at all

She was so touched at his action
Then she woke him up and acted like she made a big mistake. And his reaction is priceless: He checked if she was okay and cleaned it up for her. She was moved at his action and finally told him it was just prank. The guy didn’t got mad at all. And yes, his love is proved.

The video clip has grabbed many comments and shares from the netizens.

“The fact that he helped her instead of cussing her out like any other couple shows that he really cares for her and she deserves someone like him for the rest of her life” – Curtis said.

“A real man take care of his girl”- Williams commented.

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The young mother weighing 44 lbs has given birth to an only 4 lbs baby: I’m not scared of death, I just want to see my baby!

The young mother, only 44 lbs, fighted a terrible battle with the Death, in order to see her baby come to life. That baby is called Miracle.

Be diagnosed cervical hyperextension in muscular dystrophy when was pregnant the second baby, this brave mother decided to keep her child in belly, even when she weighed only 44 lbs. Her disease was so terrible that no method could help her anymore, the life of her and fetus was put in the Death’s hand. However, after 32 tough weeks, she could burst into tears because of happiness, the little baby was born.

That is definitely the miraculous journey of her and baby girl, maybe this is the reason why her name is Miracle. Her mother told, after knowing the disease, her husband did not care about her, even he took their first daughter to his mother’s home and lived like she’d passed away.

Due to the illness, she was unable to talk, just looked at hopelessly to the air and had to breathe with the oxygen bottle, but her love to the second daughter was everlasting. She wasn’t scared of passing away, always wanted to see the face of baby in her belly.

The baby’s grandmother shared that: “She had done that, she had won. Miracle was born, even weighed 4 lbs”. After all, the coming of Miracle to her family is so miraculous that she’s never ever dared to dream.

“My daughter seemed to pass away many times to save the Miracle’s life. Taking care of her at hospital, just seeing her still alive daily, I prayed something good happen to her and fetus. But now, she can do it, my hope comes true, thank God”.

“She loves her baby than everything she has, despite of passing away, she wants to see her baby come to life. Now I just hope she would be fine and stronger to take care of baby by herself. My cruel son-in-law have not cared to them and never come to hospital. I tried to call him many times, but it was impossible”.

At present, due to unstable health, she’s been treated positively at the General Hospital.

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2 freezing homeless dogs are abandoned by owner, the nearby note is more moving

Pet dogs are usually pampered by their owner who even call them “boss”. Therefore, when the dogs are abandoned, this must have a special reason.

Recently, netizens has widely shared a video clip that is said to be recorded in New York City, America. In the video, 2 cute dogs freezing are lying on the street without their owner when it is extremely cold. If passer-by don’t read the note next to 2 dogs, they must think that these dogs get lost or blame for their owner. The note written by the owner is so moving. Maybe he went bankrupt so he couldn’t raise his pets. Therefore, he attached his wish at the bottom of the note “If someone can take full responsibility of my 2 dogs because I can’t afford it anymore”. However, what makes netizens sad is that no one takes dogs back home to raise, passers-by just feel sorry for them and even tease or play with the poor dogs.

After being posted on the social networks, the video clip immediately attracted millions of views and comments from the netizens. A majority of people spent their emotions on the poor dogs while others got angry with the behaviors of people towards animals. One commented: “I just want to hug and love those dogs”. Other said: “I cried watching this video all human are so mean”.

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No one can believe: Plucky poodle steals scooter from toddler – and rides away

The video shows amazing footage of a poodle grabbing a toddler’s electric scooter and riding away has emerged from in China.

There are many funny moments between dogs and kids but no one can believe that this below situation!

The video shows amazing footage of a poodle grabbing a toddler’s electric scooter and riding away has emerged from in China.

This toddler was standing beside the scooter.

The video, filmed in Changshu in eastern-central Jiangsu Province on September 9, shows the toddler girl trying to work out how to use her electric scooter.

A puddle dog suddenly ran to where she was standing!

The dog immediately rode the scooter in her surprise.

The little girl tried to chase after the dog.

and finally she gave up!

However, a school-bag wearing poodle walks up behind her, gets onto the scooter and manages to succeed where the toddler failed, resting its front legs on the scooter’s handle bars and riding away.

The girl chases behind the dog and even tries to tap the dog to stop, to no avail

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Top 6 Largest Clams in the World

These are 6 Largest Clams in the World that will show you some species of bivalve mollusks that have the largest size.

Watching the video

Clam is a typical name for several kinds of bivalve mollusks. Clams have two shells in similar size joined by two adductor muscles and have a powerful burrowing foot.

Some clams have life cycles of only a year, while at least one can be over 500 years old. All clams have two calcareous shells or valves connected near a hinge with a flexible ligament. Clams are all filter feeders.. They feed by straining suspended matter and food particles from water, commonly by passing the water over a specialized filtering structure.

1. Gigas Clam

Gigas Clam (Tridacna gigas) or Giant Clam is the largest clam of its genus and the largest bivalve of all. The maximum record of the length 137 cm with 332 kg in weight once full grown. These large, heavy bodied clams are very colorful and attractive. They often become the wonderful ornament in the aquarium.

In the wild, some Giant Clams can be so overgrown. They even resemble with sponges, corals, and algae cause their shape is unrecognizable. These clams have no head, but their soft body consists of a mantle creating an outer wall. This mantle encloses a visceral mass that accommodates the body’s organs. The mantle extends in the form of flaps that are usually very colorful.

Giant Clams live in the eastern Indian Ocean and the west Pacific Ocean, from Thailand and western Australia and eastward to Micronesia. They can also live from the southern islands of Japan to the Great Barrier Reef and New Caledonia. These clams usually found exist on the bottoms, coral rubble, amongst live corals and on limestone bottoms. They prefer reef flats, shallow lagoons and even intertidal spots where they can reveal to the air at low tide.

A Giant Clam is totally non-aggressive as we thought when we watched it on the TV. The truth is, they are so heavy that they have to stay in one place. They can not even completely close their shells when it gets large. Giant clams have thick and smooth shells with 4 to 5 pronounced ribs. A juvenile giant clams may have some sparse scutes, but once they reach adulthood, they lost their scutes. The mantle is usually golden brown, yellow or green. The mantle is decorated with many iridescent blue or green spots, especially around the edges.

2. Fluted Giant Clam

The Fluted Giant Clam or Squamosa Clam (Tridacna squamosa) is an absolute beauty. It most commonly has a warm brown mantle patterned with many golden brown or yellow wavy lines. It is known by the large, leaf-like fluted edges on its shell called ‘scutes’ and a byssal opening that is small compared to those of other members of the family Tridacnidae.

Normal coloration of the mantle varies from browns and purples to greens and yellows arranged in extended linear or spot-like patterns. The fluted giant clam can grow to 40 cm.

The fluted giant clams live in the Red Sea and from the east coast of Africa to the Indo-Pacific, Marshall Islands, and Polynesia, then as far north as southern Japan and south as far as the Great Barrier Reef. Fluted giant clams exist at depths from 0 to 15 m but are most likely found in shallow water, which less than 6 m. They occur in the preserved areas of many different environments.

Giant fluted is a peaceful resident. They do not harm other organisms, in the wild or otherwise. Although they have an ability to shut completely, the anemones, triggerfish, and puffers may be predators in a domestic environment. Giant fluted clam is sometimes kept in an aquarium, where it needs a moderate amount of care.

3. Small Giant Clam

The small giant clam (Tridacna maxima), maxima clam, great clam, or elongate giant clam is a species of bivalve mollusk found throughout the Indo-Pacific region. The colors of small giant clam are so attractive. The colors are the result of crystalline pigment cells.

These function to protect the clam from the effects of intense sunlight or bundle light to enhance the algae’s photosynthesis. The clams produce the color white in their mantle by clustering red, blue and green cells. The shells of large specimens are typically not exceeding 20 cm in length.

The small giant clam attaches itself to rocks or dead coral and siphons water through its body, filtering it for phytoplankton, as well as extracting oxygen with its gills. Starting life as a tiny fertilized egg, the small giant clam hatches within 12 hours. Then, they become a free-swimming larva. This larva then develops into another, more developed, larva which is able to do its own filter-feeding. At the third larval stage, a foot grows, letting the larva to swim and rest on the substrate.

The small giant clams inhabit on the tops or slopes of the reef in shallow and clear waters. They are most commonly living together in the much shallower waters in great congregations. However in the deeper waters, over 8 m, they are found solitary.

4. Southern Giant Clam

Southern giant clam (Tridacna derasa), smooth giant clam, or Derasa clam, is a one of the largest of the giant clams, that can reach up to 60 cm in length. These clams usually have a mantle with a striped pattern of wavy lines or a spotted pattern.

They vary in color combinations of orange, yellow, black, blue, and white, some can even have brilliant blue or green accents. The southern giant clams inhabit in waters around Australia, Cocos Islands, Fiji, Indonesia, New Caledonia, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands, Tonga, and Vietnam.

These clams have muscles for opening and closing its shell and a foot for connecting to reef substrate. The clams breathe through gills and feed through a mouth. Most clams fulfill their nutrition by filter feeding and absorbing dissolved organic compounds from the water. The small giant clam often live alone, but they can be found in groups as well. In protected areas, such as on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, they exist in densities of up to 30 clams to a hectare. Predators are small parasitic pyramidellid snails that drill into their tissue and feed on their bodily fluids.

When Tridacna clams first attain sexual maturity, they are male. But, about a year later they become hermaphrodites, meaning they possess both male and female reproductive organs. Nevertheless, the production of sperm and eggs are separate in order to prevent self-fertilization, even though self-fertilization can occur.

5. Bear Paw Clam

The bear paw clam (Hippopus hippopus), horse’s hoof clam, strawberry clam, or Hippopus clams is a species of large saltwater clam, a tropical marine bivalve mollusk in the family Tridacnidae. The bear paw clam may not have a super flashy mantle, but among the giant clams, it wins for the most beautiful shell.

The mantle on most specimens is typically a dull green or brown to gray with faint cream markings, but the shell has a frilled shape and can be colorful. The shell is usually a grayish white with fabulous markings of various colors.

This species is native to American Samoa, Australia, Fiji, Guam, possibly India, Indonesia, Japan, Kiribati, Malaysia, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Myanmar, New Caledonia, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Samoa, Singapore, the Solomon Islands, Taiwan, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, and possibly Thailand. They live in shallow waters, or even intertidal zones, as deep as 6 meters.

As the bear paw clams grow, they lose their byssal gland and rely merely on their size and weight to hold their place. Because of this, adults are usually found lose on reef flats, grassy areas of reef flats, sandy substrate, slightly muddy substrate, gravel or coral rubble while the juveniles use their byssal gland to stay lightly attached to the harder surfaces until they are over 14 cm.

6. Boring Clam

The boring clam (Tridacna crocea), crocus clam, crocea clam or saffron-coloured clam is a species of bivalve in the family Cardiidae. The boring clam is native to the Indo-Pacific region. It sometimes makes their way to the aquarium trade where people often refer them to ‘crocea’.

The boring clam is the smallest clam in the subfamily Tridacninae. This clam grows to a maximum shell size of 15 cm. It has two, thick valves attached together by a hinge which is typically between a third and less than a half of the width of the shell.

The color of the valves is typically greyish-white, sometimes with a hint of pink-orange, yellow or orange color. This coloration can form a band near the top margin, especially on the interior surface. The mantle, the soft body wall which covers the internal organs, extends from between the valves when they are open and is brightly colored.

Boring clams usually live in the shallow areas near the shore or on the uppermost areas of the reef. They have been found at depths of 0 to 20 m. However, they tend to be more numerous at shallower depths. These clams refer to the boring clam because, with the contraction and relaxation of their byssal muscles, they bore into boulders and coral heads.

Those are 6 Largest Clams in the World that you need to know. Those clams are the beauty of the ocean that needs our protection to survive.

Not every animal is cute as they seem!

Be careful with these creatures. They are more dangerous than you could imagine.

How destructive would humans be if they were attacked by these animals? The lion is called the lord of the cat family, known for its excellent prowess and a strong jaw to hunt off prey. What if one day we had to face directly the wildlife?

The parrot immediately attacks the girl after the photo

This bird just wants to be alone

Animal bites can only cause a small mark on the human skin or a minor incision. However, do not belittle that all animal bites can lead to serious problems, even if they are close to animals. Therefore, we need to know how to deal with animal bites.

The dog wants to play with the baby too

“Your nose looks weird. Let me try it”
Bite marks can be bites of dogs, cats, domestic animals or wild animals (foxes, mink, rat, bat …). Before first aid the bite, gently reassure the victim to avoid panic. It is essential to first aid the bite treatment as soon as possible to reduce the risk of infection. The most important thing to do first is to wash the wound with water or soap to prevent infection. If the wound is bleeding, hold the wound tight and elevate the bite position. Contact a medical center for immediate medical attention.

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How to solve the problem of water shortage in United States, maybe 96 million black balls down large lake is a great ideal

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power this week floated the last 20,000 of 96 million shade balls into the Los Angeles Reservoir in Granada Hills.

How to solve the problem of water shortage in United States, maybe 96 million black balls down large lake is a great ideal

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power this week floated the last 20,000 of 96 million shade balls into the Los Angeles Reservoir in Granada Hills.

California – United States faced a severe drought crisis. In recent years, many rivers and lakes have dried up. The change from 2011 to 2014 of Bidwell Marina’s images below . It is obvious that the water resources are drastically drought, especially Enterprise Bridge.

So Californian has found a way to solve the problem of water shortage. They use these black balls that just big as apple and used to be considered as an useless thing

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power this week floated the last 20,000 of 96 million shade balls into the Los Angeles Reservoir in Granada Hills.

Actually, it is not special. It’s just a 4-inch, black plastic balls float on top of the 175-acre reservoir, blocking much of the sunlight from reaching the water’s surface and can help prevent water shortage.


DWP’s director of water operations – Richard Harasick said:

“This protects from chemical reactions that may cause algae blooms and other environmental exposures”

Moreover, a black ball, called the shade ball, will cover the surface of the dam to reduce the evaporation of sunlight. When the ball floats over the surface of lake, it will help prevent dust, chemicals, or other organisms that could lead to poor water quality. And help prevent the growing of algae in water which is the source of rotten water.

Covering the reservoir, which is 90 feet deep, could have cost as much as $400 million, Harasick said.

The cost of these black balls is 36 cents, about 0,36 USD, so whole batch of balls cost $34.5 million. The cost of this project by balls is only one in 10 for new dam budget.The project has saved the utility more than $250 million in capital improvements in complying with federal Environmental Protection Agency regulations regarding surface water treatment.

Glendora-based XavierC LLC provided 6.4 million shade balls, and Artisan Screen Printing in Azusa provided 89.6 million balls.

Sydney Chase, president and owner of XavierC, said her company owns 15 machines that make the balls. Each is capable of producing 20 million a year, but one machine is producing enough for the company’s current needs.

XavierC’s offices are in Glendora and the balls are produced at a facility in Colton.

Chase, who has worked in the manufacturing industry for 30 years, said she started XavierC in 2013.

“We just finished a project with the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District in Calabasas,” she said. “They took in close to 1 million balls and we’re working with several others including a waste water treatment plant in Southern California.”

Shade balls have been used for water-quality compliance at other DWP open-air reservoirs, including Upper Stone, Elysian and Ivanhoe, since 2008.

This black ball is a great ideal help California escape severe drought that can save up to 300 million gallons of water each year. See the huge number of balls in the reservoir and be amazed!

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