Abandoned, frightened and hungry, this poor little dog was found in a dumpster

Abandoned, frightened and hungry, this poor little dog was found near a dumpster by an angel who saved his life. The dog, because of what he had suffered, was afraid of any person trying to approach her. But the man who saved her, knew that at the end she only needed a chance and so much affection.
In fact the man was right, and succeeded in his mission, help Lena.

The man took it with him taking her to his refuge. The other dogs, happy and interested in meeting her, tried to get close, but Lena was too scared. The first few days he did nothing but distance himself from all, showing his teeth and biting the man out of fear.
The man did not surrender, and slowly he conquered the trust of the puppy.
Lena had been neglected, and she needed only so much love.

Day after day, Lena began to eat, finally taking weight and physical strength. She also managed to trust other dogs by making friends with them. As a timid and fearful, Lena has become sweet, affectionate and naughty in a short time!

Once completely happy and healthy, her human friend helped her find a home forever.

Now Lena is happy with a family that loves her so much! This is proof that some time and love can make a difference!

Two lionesses hug the woman who took care of them

Two lionesses, Malkia and Adelle, have shown that even big cats can be great friends of a human being, especially a woman, Michaela Zimanova, who raised them for seven years.

The two well-groomed animals were filmed as they ran to the gate of the Malkia zoo in Slovakia when they sensed the woman’s proximity.

In the film you can see the lionesses that literally embrace the woman with the paws: one of the two, moreover, closes the eyes to enjoy the moment.

The woman, almost in tears, returns the embrace while the cats lick her face and play with her hair.

The lionesses did not forget when the coach took care of them when they were born in a zoo in Switzerland. Thus, the couple of felines was transferred to Slovakia because, having become too big, the woman could no longer take care.

The video has been shared by many pages on social media and YouTube, collecting hundreds of thousands of views, reactions, shares and comments:

The trainer has, however, required to clarify this: “The lions are and remain wild animals, not domestic animals”. In short, embracing two large cats is not an action to be emulated.

We’ll show you some tricks to make sure your food stays fresh for as long as possible – By browsing you learn

We all know very well that fresh foods are much healthier than packaged foods. Usually, they are also cheaper, but, in fact, the only drawback is that these types of food last a short time.

Fruits and vegetables are essential to follow a healthy diet, but usually they remain fresh for only a few days.

Many people have most of the day occupied by various types of commitments, so it is difficult to go to stores often to have always available fresh products day.

Below you can find the solution to keep your food fresh and in the best condition for as long as possible.

In the video there are 9 tips with which you can keep fruits, vegetables and other fresh products for longer.

Did you already know these tricks? Do you have others to recommend to keep fresh food for as long as possible? Leave us a comment and save the content in your diary so that your friends can also see this interesting video. Follow us for more trivia on the Curiosando page you learn.

Only 30 squat to get a free subway ticket

The Moscow Metro is probably one of the highlights of the city. Pride for its citizens, it is one of the most dated but most beautiful in the world.

To encourage people to use the Metro and especially to take advantage of the ticket, the city of Moscow puts in place ideas that no other location can even think.

For example, on the occasion of the Olympics in Sochi, to encourage exercise, a fun initiative was launched. In front of the turnstiles of each station, machines consisting of monitors and mats have been fixed. Every passenger who needs a ticket for the meter must position himself in front of the machine and run 30 squat, counted on the monitor, in order to obtain the ticket. Extravagant Idea, but really innovative, that has been very successful.

But it’s not over here. Now the Moscow Metro has had another idea, proposing to abolish the magnetic card Troika and replace it with a ring. Probably a better idea, simpler and more comfortable for the passengers, that could do without a card in the wallet too.

A woman who was on a boat with her family helped an osprey to get up in the air

A woman named Cindy, along with her family, was taking a boat ride on the lake, when, at a certain point, she saw a falconer in trouble. So, they approached and stopped in front of this wonderful animal that could not take flight and was completely exhausted.

Probably, the hawk had stood still for some time, but fortunately, these people saw it and were able to lend a hand. In the video you can see that the woman hands an animal oar, which immediately seems to understand its intentions and rises above it.

Fortunately, Cindy, is not a person who easily gets scared, in fact remains immobile all the time, until they reach land. Once on the shore, the hawk seems to have recovered at least a little from exhaustion and rises in flight away from its saviors.

The owner throws himself into the water and the dogs ‘save’ his life

“Who has not had a dog does not know what it means to be loved”.

This phrase, pronounced by Arthur Schopenhauer (the philosopher of Romanticism), is the best possible introduction to a video that has been viral on social media for a year.

A man throws himself into the river voluntarily and the dogs begin to bark, thinking that their best friend is in trouble.

To be emphasized above all the behavior of the black dog. Once the owner ends up in the water, the animal begins to cry and fidget. Then, he makes an extraordinary gesture: he dives into the river and swims towards the man. His only purpose is to save his life. Even the white dog does the same.

The video, shared about a year ago on the Facebook page of Marcelo Tinelli, has collected almost 700 thousand views, 20 thousand reactions, 11 thousand shares and a thousand comments:

The most tender military parade ever seen – The policemen parade without weapons but with small puppies

The dog has earned the title of man’s best friend over the centuries. On countless occasions they have shown us their capacity for empathy, their infinite loyalty and even their extraordinary talent in carrying out valuable actions to protect us

There are so many noble tasks that a dog performs for society, an example are guide dogs, anti-drug dogs, civil protection dogs and police dogs.

In Chile, the National Police Training School wanted to pay homage to their dogs. Their role is so important, that they had a space in the exceptional national military parade.

The dogs along with their fellow policemen have stolen the hearts of thousands of Chileans present for the traditional event held every September 19.

There were about 10,000 officials parading, but what caught the attention of the present and the international press were the policemen who
instead of rifles, they proudly carried what is the most powerful weapon of all, love and tenderness.

That is 9 golden retrivier puppies that have stolen the hearts of millions of people.

Just 45 days after their birth these 9 puppies, 5 females and 4 males, have been proudly shown by their human companions.

Some puppies were clearly exhausted from all the excitement and the day so much that they took a nap in their small thermal bags

Together with these puppies they also paraded other adult dogs with their handlers, they were German shepherds, golden and labrador

In short, the Chilean police have also shown to their country the future responsible for their security.

The message of great power, but of tenderness, that gave the world was such that even the BBC collected the event on their Instagram account and in less than a day has collected 500,000 views.

This Gigantic Turtle at a Beach Is Spotted and Filmed By Netizens

A video of a gigantic sea turtle crawling its way across a beach posted by entertainment Facebook page “Colonel DUDU Fils Inspiration” goes viral and steals many people’s attention, including ours. The video was posted during May of this year roughly 5 months ago, but still continues to spark online debates about its authenticity or its lack thereof.

As of this writing, the said post has over 53 Million views and a little over 66 thousand shares on Facebook alone. It’s really an intriguing sight to see. Confused netizens try to demystify the seemingly big-as-a-car turtle depicted in the short clip uploaded via Facebook. Several theories regarding its genuineness have been offered by numerous users too. Such theories include speculating the use of digital manipulation, optical illusion and forced perspective. Others are also quick to defend that the video is one hundred percent factual.

Leatherback sea turtles, commonly known as luth turtles, can actually grow pretty massive in both height and weight. It is also the largest of its species. The sea creature can grow up to about 7.2ft in total length, and weigh as much as 1,540 lb. If one keeps this in mind, it isn’t that hard to believe the video is indeed untouched and unedited.

However, as the video clip continues and the leatherback sea turtle gets closer to the ocean one cannot help but see a size discrepancy as it becomes evidently smaller. Snopes, a fact checking entertainment website suggests that the whole thing was filmed with a longer lens at a far off distance therefore creating an illusion of depth. This illusion and impression tricks people into seeing the leatherback sea turtle as unusually gigantic.

Of course, there is no denying two things. One, that the video is indeed showing us a leatherback sea turtle. And two, it is a big one. Enough to gather a crowd in the background that looks pleased and shocked at the same time. The only real question left here is that, how big is it really?

Watch The Video Below:

Watch the incredible recovery of this starving two year old boy accused of Witchcraft

Remember this image?

This image broke the internet…and for good reason. This two year old boy from Nigeria was accused of witchcraft and as a result he was abandoned by his mother and father and left to starve. The woman pictured is Anja Ringgren Loven, co-founder of African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation based in Uyo, Nigeria.

When Anja laid eyes on this boy, she immediately started to care for him as if he was her own and gave him the name Hope. Being a mother herself, her motherly instincts quickly took over.

After eight months of wandering the streets alone and surviving off of food scraps, Anja took Hope into the hospital where he was given medication to remove the worms from his belly and daily blood transfusions to give him more red blood cells.

After just 8 weeks, Hope made a miraculous recovery and is now happy and healthy. Look at that smile!

Anja raised over 1 million dollars after the original image of her and Hope went viral.

“With all the money we can give Hope the best treatment and now build a medical clinic and save many more children from torture! It’s just so big! The building must be called HOPE CLINIC”- Anja

Unfortunately, thousands of children are being accused of witchcraft and many are tortured and even killed because of it. Anja and her husband David Emmanuel Umem have built their own orphanage for children like Hope, where they provide food, water, medical care and lot’s of LOVE. They currently care for over 35 children-all of them have been accused of witchcraft and left for dead.

You can help by donating to their charity, the African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation (ACAEDF) here.

“Our values consist of showing sheer compassion, care and love for those who need it the most and through that create confidence. Where there is love, there is life.”-Anja

Warning: The following video contains images that may disturb you

The millionaire was insulted when disguising as a homeless person to go to a luxurious restaurant ,the staff blanchat him after seeing his leather suitcase!

Coby Persin’s real shorts always attract the attention of many people because it mentions a lot of unfair issues, as well as discrimination between different classes in the society.

Coby Persin, the founder of a famous YouTube channel , disguised himself as a homeless person to have a real-life experience and clarify the reality of unjust discrimination against homeless people.

Coby dressed in tattered clothes, andtook a bag of rubbish.

When he asked for the seat,the waiter immediately refused him:”I’m sorry, We’re not gonna be able to do it sir! This place is a little too expensive for you!”.

Coby was shocked and took a call for help.

His friend came to the restaurant with a luxurious Rolls-Royce.

Then he took out a leather suitcase to give to Cob.

Coby dressed in tattered clothes, took a bag of rubbish, he entered a McDonald’s store in Florida, United States.

Coby walked to the waiter and asked:”Can you help me and my friend -Ronaldo find mẹ a seat, then show us the menu? “.The waiter immediately refused him:”I’m sorry, We’re not gonna be able to do it sir! This place is a little too expensive for you!”

Coby:”Can you show me the menu? I have money”

The staff: “Nope, we can’t serve you, we’re not gonna serve you today. I’m sorry about that,Can you please get away? Go eat at McDonalds, some other options but not here.

Coby was shocked and took a call for help. Meanwhile the waiter added: “You can call after leaving our restaurant!”

A few minutes later, Ronaldo, a friend of Coby, came to the restaurant with a luxurious Rolls-Royce.Then he took out a leather suitcase to give to Coby.

The leather siutcasw is full of cash, Coby opened the briefcase and said to the waiter: “I am also a person with money. You should not judge people just because of their appearance, I can buy this store and fire you . You are lucky to day! ”

Watching video: