150 pound man bench presses 395 pounds and other gym users can’t believe it

Recently the strength of a man on his independent grind making workout videos and publishing them to YouTube and Instagram was demonstrated in a clip that received a lot of attention.

Long Nguyen, a former high school weightlifter from Florida bench pressed 165 kilos, or about 360 pounds. Then, that was increased to 395 pounds, with a body weight of 151 pounds.

The thing is, his body weight isn’t much at all. According to one article: “Long Nguyen, from Florida, regularly posts workout videos to his YouTube and Instagram channels, but one of his most recent videos showed the other people in the gym being blown away by his strength. He bench pressed a few different weights throughout his session, and when Long started benching almost triple his body weight the gym goers couldn’t tear their eyes away.”

Then, he increased the weight he was lifting to an incredible 179 kilos, or 395 pounds. He asked a person in the gym to spot him and make sure he didn’t collapse, but not as if he didn’t believe in himself.

Exchanging a few words with the spotter he said:

“No lift off and I’ll say spot if I need help. I won’t stop pushing so you don’t need to deadlift today.”

He described the lift as slow, but with the weights constituting nearly three times his own weight, he still managed to complete the rep.

After he accomplished this feat, Long dismissed his spotter and lowered his weight back down to 165 kilos. From the looks of it, he achieved this bench press with not a lot of effort at all.

By this moment, a real audience started to surround the man. First a couple other people at the gym started watching, and then another who had been exercising with an incline press decided to stop and watch what was going on.

As he published the video online, Long wrote:

“First, thank you for the tremendous support you’ve shown in recently uploaded videos. You continue to surprise me and I wanted to try to thank you with another quick upload.

During editing of this video, I discovered one of the coolest (in my opinion) reactions I’ve ever witnessed. Wish I was more aware during the workout, I would’ve walked up to the guy and thanked him for the good vibes.”

The viewers of the video reacted with much positivity, with one comment reading:

“I don’t get why dudes aren’t congratulating you for the massive amount of work it takes to get to that point. You do more than 2.5 times your body weight, I’d be hounding you for any knowledge you have”

How is it possible for a person with such little body mass to lift so much? Perhaps it’s more in the way the muscles are, the way they have had practice exercising in the past rather than the mass of a person’s muscles.

Some people don’t seem to accumulate much body mass at all no matter what they do, but that doesn’t mean the muscles they do have aren’t experienced.

When a person uses their muscles in the right way, enough of them at once with the correct balance, they can accomplish more than people may be able to believe.

Pedophile will be chemically castrated after country introduces new Punishment

In the Central Asian country of Kazakhstan, a convicted pedophile is about to become the first person in the country to receive the punishment warranted by a new law that allows for “chemical castration.”

According to the Mirror, “It comes months after a new law was passed permitting the method as punishment for paedophilia. The unnamed man from the Turkestan region is to undergo an injection supervised by the country’s health ministry, officials announced.”

An allocation of £20,500 has been provided by Kazakh president Nursultan Nazarbayev for 2,000 injections to be performed on men who have committed sexual crimes against children.

Lyazzat Aktayeva, the country’s deputy health minister said: “At the moment there has been one request for chemical castration in accordance with a court ruling.”

Around the beginning of this year, the nation introduced this chemical castration law. “Funds have been allocated for more than 2,000 injections,” continued Aktayeva.

Upon the passage of this law, Kazakh senator Byrganym Aitimova promoted it by noting that the castration would actually be “temporary,” a procedure that involved an nondescript “one-time injection,” based on “the necessity of preventing the man from (committing) sexual violence.”

In the country, sexual crimes against children carry prison sentences of up to 20 years, not that severe compared to even some American states.

The exact chemicals that are used in this procedure are studiously avoided in passing mention, but if you read further they are going to use Cyproterone, a “cancer fighting” anti-androgen that is steroidal. If they mean “cancer-fighting” that is probably something carcinogenic on the level of chemotherapy drugs.

One article noted that “Unlike surgical castration, chemical castration does not prevent a person from experiencing sexual urges indefinitely.

Sceptics argue it does not necessarily prevent future attacks.”

It’s difficult to get an accurate grip on how high this proportion is in a community, but it is reported that in this country, between 2010 and 2014 the rate of these crimes against children “doubled” to around 1,000 a year. Whatever this is compared to other countries, it’s unacceptable.

Believe it or not, a few months ago the UK government also said it was considering making this type of criminal punishment more available.

What do you think about this idea? In this world, the weak and defenseless are taken advantage of too often. The people of this world lack defense, and the people with the most power and wealth have no problems taking advantage of anybody they want: just as long as people aren’t focused on defense.

The parent’s ability to defend their children from any and all predators with sufficient force is probably the single most effective way to prevent crimes against children from occurring, it could be argued. Some children don’t have parents or anybody willing to care for them: that’s when unspeakable situations and crimes occur.

However, is the state, the government, the entity that should be the arbiter of justice in this type of situation? Does it really make sense to make this so complicated that they’re using strange chemicals, that someone somewhere profits from the manufacture of, to chemically castrate people?

It should inspire nausea in any person to think about this. Both these horrible crimes and the idea of chemical castration are not the most easy topics to think about, but that’s what governments are trying to busy themselves with these days.

Being strong, capable of defense, and armed enough to be formidable in defense as a parent or guardian would be the simple answer to this problem.

Scientists Receive Green Light to “Resurrect the Dead” Using Stem Cells

Health is a very complex thing, and that is because the body, we, are complex forms of life. For any particular medical problem, there are innumerable ways to treat it, and research can go in any direction to figure out how a treatment works.

The realest, most intensive way of testing a treatment to see if it really works, would be to somehow look up-close at the cells of the body and see exactly what effect a chemical, nutrient, mineral, or vitamin would have, right?

It’s not exactly that simple. These days, there seems to be the notion that stem cells can be used to treat anything. As one article phrases it: “For any given medical problem, it seems, there’s a research team trying to use stem cells to find a solution. In clinical trials to treat everything from diabetes to macular degeneration to ALS, researchers are injecting the cells in efforts to cure patients.”

In a study that was expected to launch in late 2017, which may have already been performed but there has been little news about it since the announce of it, scientists were reportedly going to use stem cells in an extremely controversial attempt to “reverse death.”

Philadelphia based company Bioquark was or still is aiming to inject stem cells directly into the spinal cords of people who have been declared brain-dead clinically.

It was reported last year that in addition, the subjects, who are not fully dead but “declared brain dead” will be given an injected blend of proteins, electrical nerve stimulation, and what is described as laser therapy directed at the brain.

It sounds like the trial has not taken place yet. At Bioquark’s website, a fairly hazy description of their experiment was provided, encouraging people to contact the company to essentially find out if the experiment is taking place or not, or how it is taking place. According to their website:

“We are at a very unique moment in history where the convergence of the tools of regenerative biology, resuscitation / reanimation research, and clinical neuroscience have placed us on the verge of major scientific breakthroughs. Additionally, this very untouched area of discovery and development, has unlimited, invaluable “trickle down” learnings for all traditional degenerative disorders of the CNS, both chronic (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, etc.) and acute (SCI, TBI, etc.) alike.

To receive further confidential information about Bioquark’s plans in this space, please place the phrase “BQ-Phoenix” in the subject line of our contact form, or visit the Reanima Project site at http://www.reanima.tech. Additionally, please visit our partner company RegenerAge SAPI de CV (www.regenerage.clinic/en) to learn more about on-going compassionate care opportunities.”

They reported the trial would take place in 2016 originally as well, but that didn’t come to fruition either. It was launched in April 2016 in Rudrapur, India, but no patients were enrolled. The study was shut down by regulators in November of 2016, as the Drug Controller General of India hadn’t given permission.

Even more contradictory, that report from Science that the trial had stopped in India was disputed. According to Stat News:

“Dr. Himanshu Bansal, who owns the hospital Bioquark was planning to work with in India, disputed Science’s report that the trial had stopped. He said he has been testing the protocol on patients without using Bioquark’s particular peptide mixture and said the results were being observed by an “independent observer” from a local medical college.”

The idea of this study is controversial and most are skeptical of it. That’s probably why it doesn’t appear to have come to fruition yet.

This new invention can transform your bike into a water boat

Recently, headlines were made about a device that has been invented known as a Shuttle Bike. It’s being sold as a portable kit, that is supposed to transform a regular bicycle into a water boat.

They say the kit is easy to carry, and enormously helpful to any people who travel long distances with a bicycle, that could be more easily navigated through the water.

A man named Roberto Siviero designed the kit, along with an engineering firm. Venice, Italy, is the exclusive manufacturing location of the device.

Apparently the plethora of canals present in Venice, Italy make for a perfect testing ground when it comes to this product.

The kit that allows a bicycle to become a boat is composed of pontoons or floats, that are inflatable and airtight, inflatable with a special kind of bike pedal that pushes air into the floats.

Usually those “pontoons” are yellow, with a composition of plastic and nylon. Setting up the device is basically a one step process of attaching the rudder to the front wheel of your bicycle.

It’s about $1,300 for one of these devices, but it depends on what package you choose.

There’s one place this device would be very, very much appreciated: Canyon Lake, Texas, the most rowdy small town you’ve ever heard of between San Antonio and Austin, Texas. In Canyon Lake, it takes about an hour to drive from the north side of the lake all the way to the south side.

If you have a kayak or a boat, you can make that like a 15 minute boat ride across the lake, from the neighborhood of Potters Creek or Tamarack Shores straight to the docks on the south side in the neighborhood with Oblate drive opposite Mobile Home Estates.

Water taxis are now a thing as well. A company called Potomac Riverboat Co. is helping people beat the traffic. According to an article from the Washington Times:

“The company’s large yellow water taxis have operated on the Potomac River for 30 years. Last fall, Potomac Riverboat added a route to the newly renovated Wharf and two new catamarans that each hold 149 passengers. Its fleet now consists of eight older catamarans that can carry 122 passengers each and four of the larger vessels.

Riders now can travel to and from The Wharf, the Navy Yard, Georgetown, National Harbor and Alexandria. Google Maps started listing the taxi routes online this summer while Metro was creating severe service interruptions to resolve maintenance issues.”

It’s positive in a way for people to be thinking about new ways to do things like this. Sometimes it’s like you shouldn’t fix something that isn’t broken, when it comes to technology, but that’s certainly not the case with this type of thing. These little convenient, fun inventions are a walk in the park, a pretty lake of “innocuous” compared to, for instance, the inventions being pioneered by the government agency DARPA.

Would you ride a bicycle across a body of water with this device? Would you trust it?

Man invents real life Spider-Man web shooter

When you’re still a child and things are exciting for you for the first time in your life, when fictional things like Spider-Man capture the imagination and make life fulfilling, don’t you wish those fictional things were in some way real?

One positive form of new technology may emerge as a real life “live action” type thing, where materials or technologies are utilized for innocuous things like turning fiction into reality by shooting powerful, sticky spiderweb type things out your wrists.

Somebody just invented real life Spider-Man webs, as you can see in this video.

According to one article:

“I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there who have been envious of Spider-Man’s nifty web-shooting trick; people who eventually had to come to terms with the fact that the closest they were going to get to having those powers was through Spider-Man video games.

But one guy has given the world the opportunity to control webs without a PS4, and instead with a device that really shoots webs. The best part is, they’re willing to share it with the world and have made the invention available for purchase.”

This is like one of those old Yu-Gi-Oh “Duel Disks” they would sell in the 2000’s: it’s a fun toy, but it doesn’t literally make the monsters depicted in the playing cards come to life like in the game.

Similarly you’re not going to be able to climb buildings with this Spider-Man device.

If you’d like to get one, it’s available on Etsy. The description of it reads:

“While functional, this web shooter will not stand up to incorrect or rough use.

The webbing only sticks to magnetic surfaces.”

In life, games mean more than people may have been conditioned to believe. Not necessarily just games, but the enjoyment of life in general through certain activities. Some activities are more generally beneficial for an individual, and some are less, some are more attached to nature and some are more on the spectrum of technology.

However, when an activity that involves some new technology or toy or something is hands-on, makes you physically active, and causes you to not look at a screen that’s a positive thing. Have you noticed a certain stagnation in new, entertaining things recently? People got complacent looking at screens, using smart phones and social media, at this point a resurgence in hands-on, more involved entertainment is bound to kick off.

This is the 2010’s decade, and now we’re nearing the end of the decade, on into the 2020’s. Eras of time can be categorized by decades, or with nodes of change that any individual sees in their own view and experience in life. As the eras of time come and go, up and down cycles of inspiration, technological advancement, collective patterns of enjoyment and entertainment, and all manner of things change. That change, is something beautiful about life.

What change do you think the 2020’s decade will bring us, after about 10 years of people being so focused on staring at screens, smart phones, and everything of the sort?

Rare White Giraffes Caught on Camera For the Very First Time In History

For what some claim to be the first time in recorded history, some extremely rare, all white “albino” giraffes have been caught on camera in the African country of Kenya.

The white giraffes grace the scene with an elegant, white glow, next to another giraffe that was completely normal.

Unfortunately the lack of pigment in the giraffes, leading to that beautiful white color, is in fact a condition they suffer from known as Leucism, which is supposed to be a genetic condition that prevents pigmentation from properly taking place.

The consequence of that condition is that they may be very sensitive to the bright, hot sunlight of the African country, similar to the way all-white dogs are more sensitive to the sun, or even human beings with light skin.

In the video below, Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy was visited by a mother and her child, and as they wandered through the place they stumbled upon these special animals.

A few months prior, and this happened about exactly a year ago, rumors were circulating about some white giraffe and her baby being spotted in the area. Then this confirmed it. The first sighting reportedly happened in June, according to the New York Times:
“A villager in Kenya was herding animals one day recently when he came upon a head-turning sight. A ghostly creature with a mighty long neck was grazing off in the distance. Upon closer inspection, the vision was revealed to be a female reticulated giraffe — tall, majestic and preternaturally white — and she was accompanied by a smaller apparition: a pale baby giraffe.

The sightings in June, in Garissa County near the Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy, sent the villager scurrying off to tell rangers, the founder of the Hirola Conservation Program said on Thursday. The news has been ricocheting across continents and making headlines ever since.”

A factor that most people probably wouldn’t consider was cited as the reason, why this genetic disposition may not actually be as consequential as you’d think with the hot sun.

Did you know that over half of all giraffes fail to live past six months of age? According to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, predators such as hyenas and lions find them to be very easy prey, and most of them fall victim to those predators. Despite the incredible tallness of a giraffe, these fierce, fast predators catch them all the time.

(Image credit: flickr)

It’s a strange thing to think about all the effects that can be produced from something being publicized on the Internet. At this point, it’s like giving the entire world a potential inspiration to go to a particular location.

Now the video is going viral, and some people have raised concerns that poaching might be encouraged by the location and images of these animals reaching so many people.

This is the exact type of thing that people can appreciate in the most wholesome possible way. In terms of goodness and wholesomeness, getting satisfaction from the beauty of animals or scenes in nature would seem to be one of the most down to Earth, innocuous things possible.

In this day and age, that type of grounded, deeply down to Earth thing is to be treasured and appreciated to the fullest.

Heroic Volunteer Rescues 6 Dogs, Left Abandoned In Locked Cage during Hurricane Florence

The Earth really could not have chosen a more friendly place to hit with a hurricane. So what do you get when you mix Southern Hospitality with Hurricane Florence? You get rescued puppies.

Genuinely heroic volunteers managed to rescue six dogs that were sadly abandoned and left to fend for themselves in a locked cage during hurricane Florence, in North Carolina.

The flood waters were rising and rising, almost to the point where the dogs drowned, but rescuers wouldn’t allow that tragedy to happen. The doggies were found barking their heads off, standing tall up on their hind legs, against the front of the cage to avoid breathing in water.

A property in Leland, North Carolina is where these dogs were found and rescued. To escape the hurricane, the owners of those dogs abandoned the house and the animals. What kind of dog owners would leave their dogs though? I know if I were in a hurricane, my dogs would be right with my family wherever we go.

The rescue of these puppies was caught on camera, and you can see it here.

A journalist named Marcus DiPaola said on Twitter:

“Rescued six dogs in Leland, NC, after the owner LEFT THEM locked in an outdoor cage that filled with flood water that was rapidly rising. [sic]

We got them out, but by the time we left, the water was so high that they would have drowned. BRING YOUR PETS WITH YOU! [sic]”

In the video, we can see the dogs letting out whimpering noises as Ryan Nichols of Longview, Texas, a volunteer rescuer, treads through the formidable floodwaters to save the animals. The moment they are set free, every dog swims toward the volunteers. If they were simply not locked in a cage they probably would have survived this ordeal all on their own, not that the family should have abandoned them.

On Sunday, North Carolina floodwaters reached about four feet in height, and by now, Monday morning, they may have gotten higher. A few people have passed away from the hurricane, but the property damage, and potential pollution to the Carolinas for a number of reasons are a real threat as well.

Around 50 people had to be airlifted to safety by a helicopter after being stranded in the area, and somewhere around 26,000 people were forced to flee and evacuate their homes. Many of them took refuge in shelters.

There’s still more rain to come unfortunately, but the intensity of the storm has diminished significantly, several days into its onslaught.

Rivers will still continue rising even after the rain stops due to the amount of water that has already been dumped onto the land. Henry McMaster, the governor of South Carolina said: “This is a hurricane event followed by a flood event.” The Governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper added “This system is unloading epic amounts of rainfall, in some places measured in feet and not inches.”

According to one article:

“Numerous roads have been forced to close, with authorities also warning of the risks of landslides, tornadoes and flash floods, as well as dams and bridges in danger of collapsing as water levels rise.

In Fayetteville, a city of around 210,000 thousand people in North Carolina, residents were told to evacuate their homes due to the flood risk.”

Hurricane Florence reached as far inland into South Carolina as the city named Florence itself, causing power outages deep into the states.

Now people should definitely pay attention to this detail: National Guard troops, thousands of them, have been positioned in the area. They’re supposed to help people, but we know to take the word of authorities with a grain of salt. In this particular situation, it doesn’t seem like anything nefarious is being planned by authorities, unlike the gun confiscations that occurred in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina, but it would be wise to keep our eyes open.

However, in the south people know just how to deal with a hurricane. Ask the guy from Houston who was photographed on this air mattress during severe flooding in the past.

The storm is now just a tropical depression and not a hurricane, but flooding continues to be a problem.

Much love to all of the people dealing with this in the Carolinas. We love the South Carolina flag, it looks like the flag of some cool Middle Eastern country with the palm tree.

Creep follows mom and 2-year-old daughter in store: He suddenly whispers “Say goodbye to mom”

When me and my brothers were little, we weren’t easy to keep an eye on. We were three energetic boys, all born within four years of each other, and all we wanted to do was run around – often in different directions. We were a nightmare for our babysitter, Kate, every time.

I vividly recall one occasion when we were in a store with her. We ran up and down the aisles as she did her best to keep us in line and buy groceries at the same time.

Then, all of a sudden – the three of us together for once – we noticed that Kate was gone. We looked for a time, but couldn’t find her and so decided to go home. I, being the eldest at 8, reasoned that she must have left us in the store. Our home wasn’t far away at all, fortunately, though when we go to the house we realized we had no key for the door.

It wasn’t long before a man approached us and offered to help.

We’d been taught not to speak to strangers, but luckily this individual was simply a kind old man looking to help. He was able to get my mom’s number from a neighbor and call her to tell her we were alone.

Meanwhile, poor Kate was in a state of panic. She believed that my two brothers and I had been kidnapped when she had turned her back in the store. Even now I feel a little pang of guilt every time I think of Kate and the situation we put her in.

In February 2016, a mom, Amanda Cropsey Florcyzkowski, of Texas, USA, was in a supermarket shopping with her two-year-old daughter. Suddenly, she heard the words “Say bye to mommy”.

The simple sentence chilled her to the core. It was a good thing she heard and registered the words, for she now believes the man and woman standing at the checkout, who at first glance looked quite normal, had plans to kidnap her daughter.

Thank God this mother was on guard, otherwise her and her family could have been the victims of something that doesn’t bear thinking about.

Ongoing issues
On September 24, 2018, Texas was hit by another such incident. This time, as before, it was a mother out shopping with her four-year-old daughter.

While the mom filled her shopping cart, she did her best to keep an eye on her child. Of course, parents will know how difficult it is to keep your child under constant supervision. Scarily, just two seconds can be enough to open the door to a nightmare scenario.

According to a police report, two unknown people – a man and a woman – tried to take the girl out of her mom’s cart. Fortunately, one of the store employees saw what was happening and intervened, according to the Star-Telegram.

The couple in question quickly disappeared from the store and drove off.

The child escaped with no physical injuries, but the incident is being investigated by police.

Even though we’d like to pay close attention to our children every single second of the day, it’s practically impossible, especially if you have more than one.

As a result, it’s crucial that you educate your kids on what to do if they ever find themselves approached by a stranger.

Instruct your children to scream, kick and fight with every morsel of their strength if someone unfamiliar tries to take them against their will. This sudden explosion of noise is often enough to scare an assailant off by way of drawing too much attention.

Human Traffic
How fortunate for the latter mom that there was an attentive shop assistant around to stop what might have been a disaster.

Please share this story on Facebook so that your friends and family are made aware of the risks associated with child abduction and trafficking. We need to educate our children and work together for a brighter future!

Researchers conclude: Being messy is a sign of high intelligence

For many of us, it goes without saying that you should keep things neat and tidy. But just as many people think that getting things organized and structured is easier said than done.

But now all messy people can breathe easily – it turns out that being disorganized is a sign of high intelligence, according to a new study.

In many people’s homes, everything is neat and tidy, clothes lie properly folded in the closet, carefully sorted by color.

More creative
But in other people’s homes, shirts hang haphazardly on the back of chairs, and dust is gathering under the couch. We’re all different, and thank God for that. But according to a new study, how structured and organized you are is linked to your intelligence.

The study showed that messy people have a higher IQ than people who keep things neat and organized.

Psychological scientist Kathleen Vohs says, “Disorderly environments seem to inspire breaking free of tradition, which can produce fresh insights. Orderly environments, in contrast, encourage convention and playing it safe.”

Night owls are more intelligent
The study also concluded that people who like to stay up late also have a higher IQ and those who prefer going to bed earlier.

Not only that, but the same study also found that people who curse a lot are smarter than those who don’t. You often hear the claim that people who swear have a “limited vocabulary”.

But if you think about it, those who don’t use any swear words are the ones who limit their own vocabulary, because they intentionally use fewer words than others.

The result showed that people who could name the most swear words within a minute also score higher on IQ tests. The study concludes that a rich vocabulary of swear words is a sign of rhetorical strength.

So the next time someone complains about you being messy or swearing a lot, take comfort in the thought that you’re probably smarter than most others! Press the share button to tell your messy friends about these great news!

The world’s first flying car is going on sale next month

Starting next month, people will officially be able to pre-order one of the first flying cars to ever exist. The publicity surrounding this seems to indicate that some time in the near future, everybody will be driving flying cars. Or better yet, people will have cars that change gears between driving and flying.

The vehicles are being produced by a big corporation sort of trying to disguise itself as a smaller company, Terrafugia, which belongs to Volvo. The flying car is named a “Transition.” According to the company, the vehicle can fly through the air for up to 400 miles, reaching a top speed of 200 miles per hour. 200 miles per hour is certainly much faster than other vehicles, and the three dimensional nature of going up, down, to the left, and to the right with a vehicle is just incomprehensible.

They must be trying to build up anticipation for the vehicles because, according to one article “There’s not a definite price on it yet, but you can safely assume that if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford one. According to Chinese news agency Xinhua, they’ll be taking pre-orders on them starting from October.”

The Volvo-owned “Transition” is a hybrid electric powered vehicle, with a lot of normal features for vehicles, probably making it quite easy for them to be manufactured, and it will probably enable these things to become commonplace pretty quick.

Apparently at this moment, a person will require some kind of license for flying airplanes to be legally able to drive this thing. That’s according to some reports, they were not specific about what country they were talking about. Until some kind of new, sweeping regulations are put into law, which won’t be a pretty sight, the law will probably only allow people who fly airplanes or helicopters to legally use these on the road.

According to Lad Bible:

“With that in mind, the company that makes it believes it could be of great use to pilots who can fly it to a small airport, then simply fold the wings in and drive it home. That’s an ambitious business model. Niche doesn’t quite cover it. However, if you are in that small group of pilots who constantly thinks “I wish I didn’t have to get out of my plane to drive home” then this is the vehicle for you.”

The flying car is capable of reaching an altitude of about 10,000 feet, weighing a mere 1,300 pounds. The Volvo owned company plans to introduce a four-door version of the vehicle known as a TF-X later, which won’t require an airport for taking off and landing.

The company said: “The TF-X won’t require an airport for take-off and landing, and it will drive on all roads and highways – providing the convenience of true door-to-door transportation.”

Terrafugia CEO Chris Jaran said “Developing this new technology has allowed us to test several different mechanisms and generate process improvements along the way. We are at the critical point where we can implement the best design features based on years of flight and drive testing. This will improve function, safety and aesthetics for the optimal flying and driving experience.”

There’s a serious threat that can arise from the inevitable popularization of technology like this: it’s a window for the state to unleash a new era of regulations and restrictions on people. A whole host of new powers can be granted to authorities, from police to the people who make regulations, with the advent of such a sweeping, society-changing thing. In fact, it’s a miracle smart phones didn’t bring a whole new era of police state. Truthfully they did, smartphones ushered in a new era of surveillance