2 freezing homeless dogs are abandoned by owner, the nearby note is more moving

Pet dogs are usually pampered by their owner who even call them “boss”. Therefore, when the dogs are abandoned, this must have a special reason.

Recently, netizens has widely shared a video clip that is said to be recorded in New York City, America. In the video, 2 cute dogs freezing are lying on the street without their owner when it is extremely cold. If passer-by don’t read the note next to 2 dogs, they must think that these dogs get lost or blame for their owner. The note written by the owner is so moving. Maybe he went bankrupt so he couldn’t raise his pets. Therefore, he attached his wish at the bottom of the note “If someone can take full responsibility of my 2 dogs because I can’t afford it anymore”. However, what makes netizens sad is that no one takes dogs back home to raise, passers-by just feel sorry for them and even tease or play with the poor dogs.

After being posted on the social networks, the video clip immediately attracted millions of views and comments from the netizens. A majority of people spent their emotions on the poor dogs while others got angry with the behaviors of people towards animals. One commented: “I just want to hug and love those dogs”. Other said: “I cried watching this video all human are so mean”.

Watch video: